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Abbott, Hedley Bowen
s/n 797061

Adams JC-766315-1Adams, John Charles
s/n 766315

Ainsworth AV 766974-1Ainsworth, Albert Victor
s/n 766974

Aldridge AV-767140-1Aldridge, Albert Victor
s/n 767140

Allen, Oliver Edward
s/n 639618

Armstrong SJ-766118-1Armstrong, Samuel Joseph
s/n 766118

Ashford, Levi William
s/n 797214

Aspinall T 766077-1Aspinall, Thomas
s/n 766077

Atkinson SA-785243Atkinson, Stephen Alexander
s/n 785243

Austin 766119 1916 CroppedAustin, Ernest John
s/n 766119

Bain RS 766078-1Bain, Robert Spiers
s/n 766078

Ball FW-766532-1Ball, Frank William
s/n 766532

Ball, Fred William
s/n 797112

Barron JO-766021-1Barron, John Oscar
s/n 766021

Bayley JW 766079-1Bayley, James Walter
s/n 766079

Beecroft GW 766023Beecroft, George William
s/n 766023

Bell PJ-766125Bell, Patrick ‘Pat’ Joseph
s/n 767125

Bennett, Austin
s/n 797126

Bested JRD 767119-1Bested, Joseph Rice Dixon
s/n 767119

Billington, Frank Lorne
s/n 797124

Blaver CA-766129-1Blaver, Charles Albert
s/n 766129

Bond HP-769421-1Bond, Horace Perry
s/n 769421

Brambley PHT-766765-1Brambley, Percy Henery Thomas
s/n 766765

Brennan WH-766135-1Brennan, William Henry
s/n 766135

Briston EF-766005-1Briston, Eustace Frank
s/n 766005

Brown FW 766138-1Brown, Frederick William
s/n 766138

Brown, Maurice John
s/n 797008

Brown, Oscar
s/n 797020

Buchanan D 766081-1Buchanan, David
s/n 766081

Burke MJ 766140-1Burke, Michael Joseph
s/n 766140

Cane AW 766144-1Cane, Arthur William
s/n 766144

Carey RM-2Carey, Russel Millar
s/n 784580

Carlton FM-766147-1Carlton, Frederick Morgan
s/n 766147

Carter-767155 HR-1Carter, Howard James
s/n 767155

Chandler CC-430651-1Chandler, Charles Clement
s/n 430651

Chappell GC-784032-1Chappell, George Charles
s/n 784032

Claridge JC-766153-1Claridge, John Charles
s/n 766153

John Clark-2Clark, Richard John Rodgers
s/n 784039

Clarke JS-766541-1Clarke, John Stanley
s/n 766551

Clarke JT 766082-1Clarke, John Thurston
s/n 766082

Clarke T-766003-1Clarke, Thomas
s/n 766003

Cleghorn-104650-1Cleghorn, George Stanfield
s/n 104650

Cocker RF 766083-1Cocker, Robert Francis
s/n 766083

Cockfield AJ-766026-1Cockfield, Arthur John
s/n 766026

Coleclough CR-862065Coleclough, Cecil Rupert
s/n 862065

Coleclough JL-862060-1Coleclough, John Lionel
s/n 862060

Colley, Thomas Edward George
s/n 639902

Collie T 430966-1Collie, Thomas
s/n 430966

George Henry CollinsCollins, George Henry
s/n 766163

Colquhoun G 766554-1Colquhoun, George
s/n 766554

Cook AJ-766002-1Cook, Alfred James
s/n 766002

Cook WAW-767200-1Cook, Wilfred Arthur Winstanley
s/n 767200

Corbett, Wilfred John
s/n 767004

Cottrell R-767006-1Cottrell, Richard James
s/n 767006

Coulson A-135234-1Coulson, Arthur
s/n 135234

Craddock J 766004-1Craddock, James
s/n 766004

Crossley AG-766047-1Crossley, Arthur George
s/n 766047

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01
Cummings, Cecil Harwood
s/n 785272

Davidson GM-784303-1Davidson, Gordon Meldrum
s/n 784303

Davidson LTF-766359-1Davidson, Leonard Thomas Francis
s/n 766359

Day, Stanley
s/n 797156

Dempster-766027-1Dempster, Samuel Leroy
s/n 766027

Dickens GT 784712Dickens, George Thomas
s/n 784712

Donges-766084-1Donges, Andrew ‘Andy’ Edward
s/n 766084

Duckhouse S-784602Duckhouse, Stephen
s/n 784602

Duffin, Matthew William
s/n 766431

Dunn JW-766365-1Dunn, James William
s/n 766365

Eagleson WA 201365Eagleson, William Alexander ‘Irish’
s/n 201365

Eastwood JE-639424-1Eastwood, Joseph Ernest
s/n 639424

Edgar JR-766367-1Edgar, James Ritchie
s/n 766367

Falardeau A 766049-1Falardeau, Albert ‘Bert’ Isaac
s/n 766049

Falconer DR 766085-1Falconer, Donald Rimmer
s/n 766085

Ferguson WF 639739Ferguson, William Frederick
s/n 639739

Fick, Emery
s/n 797187

Foley AP 507552-1Foley, Aaron Hilbert Percy
s/n 507552

Ford JL-201792-1Ford, John Lane
s/n 201792

Forsey JB-285169-1Forsey, Joseph Bertram
s/n 285169

Forth FW-766190-1Forth, Frederick William
s/n 766190

Fossey JF 407006-1Fossey, John ‘Jack’ Frederick
s/n 4007006

Frost WA 766086-1Frost, Wilfrid Arnold
s/n 766086

Fuller RH-285439-1Fuller, Robert Henry
s/n 285439

Gammage SW-766012-1Gammage, Silas William
s/n 766012

Gatehouse-766379-1Gatehouse, Harold James
s/n 766379

George SP-796620-1George, Samuel Prescott
s/n 796620

Georgeson-430938-1Georgeson, David Mouat
s/n 430938

Gibbins WH-639413-2Gibbins, William Henry
s/n 639413

Gillis, Roy
s/n 797098

Goadsby W - 862838-1Goadsby, Harry Mason
s/n 862999

Godard, William Robert ‘Bert’
s/n 784016

Grant F-138293-1Grant, Frederick
s/n 138293

Gray WF 657299-1Gray, William Finlay
s/n 657299

Hannis AW-463633-1Hannis, Alfred William
s/n 463633

Harper E 767168-1Harper, Edgar
s/n 767168

Harris E-766842-1Harris, Eber
s/n 766842

Harrison HP-766031-1Harrison, Hugh Percy
s/n 766031

Harriss RC 767040Harriss, Reginald Cromie
s/n 767040

Hazell WC 406091Hazell, William Charles
s/n 4060912

Helm GR-862272Helm, George Robert
s/n 862272

Hemmings H-766216-1Hemmings, Henry
s/n 766216

Hewett JP 138300Hewett, James Patrick
s/n 138300

Hill DC-802680Hill, Daniel Clement
s/n 802680

Hill H 766087-1Hill, Harry
s/n 766087

Hinnencamp EF-766845-1Hinnenkamp, Edwin Frederick
s/n 766845

Holmes-T-463630-1Holmes, Thomas Henry
s/n 463630

Hubbard GJ-766400-1Hubbard, George James
s/n 766400

Hughes HA 657239Hughes, Harvey Adison
s/n 657239

Hunt H 862675Hunt, Henry
s/n 862675

Hutchinson WJ 767046Hutchinson, William James
s/n 767046

Hyder GE 434365Hyder, Gordon Evelyn
s/n 434365

Irvine T 766854-1Irvine, Thomas
s/n 766854

Irvine WP 766403Irvine, William Peter
s/n 766403

Jackson J-766227-1Jackson, Joseph
s/n 766227

James C 784710-1James, Charles
s/n 784710

James RA 784561-1James, Richard Augustus
s/n 784561

Johnson CA-91174-1Johnston, Charles Alexander
s/n 91174

Johnston W-766232-1Johnston, Warden
s/n 766232

Johnston WG-766233-1Johnston, William George
s/n 766233

Jones, Harry Whitney
s/n 797084

Jones M-464041Jones, Morley De Witt
s/n 464041

Kearns J-767169-1Kearns, Joseph
s/n 767169

Kelly, George Bailey
s/n 797087

Kelso H 766413-1Kelso, Harry
s/n 766413

Kenline LN 408599Kenline, Levi Nelson
s/n 408599

Kennedy CG 766415Kennedy, Clarence Gordon
s/n 766415

Kerr H 767170-1Kerr, Hugh
s/n 767170

Kinnier J 640161Kinnier, John
s/n 640161

Kivel J 784706Kivell, James
s/n 784706

Kivel TH 784089Kivell, Thomas Horace
s/n 784089

Lambert, Lee Elliott
s/n 797055

Lamothe RPB 416758Lamothe, Rene Pierre Branchaud
s/n 416758

Lang, Reginald George Anthony
s/n 104742

Langstone, Harold Edwin
s/n 862464

Lansdowne AM-766241Lansdowne, Arthur Marley
s/n 766241

latham-w-862262Latham, William
s/n 862262

Lee WJ-766424-1Lee, William James
s/n 766424

Liston JJ 767139-1Liston, James Joseph
s/n 767139

Little, John Herbert
s/n 739771

Lomas, Joseph Albert s/n 862677

Long, Charles Wesley
s/n 797092

Louch, Chelsea s/n 797100

love-aa-739566Love, Alfred Archibald
s/n 739566

Lowery, Eugene Jerome
s/n 274133

Lowrie JAF-766430-1Lowrie, John Agnew Findlay
s/n 766430

Luther, William Thomas
s/n 766249

MacCallum M 138486MacCallum, Malcolm
s/n 138486

Macintosh RR-766034-1Macintosh, Ralph Roderick
s/n 766034

MacKenzie, Norman John
s/n 796025

MacMillan, Alexander
s/n 767056

Malbeuf GE 770146-1Malbeuf, George Etienne
s/n 770146

Manderson GA 766630Manderson, George Arthur
s/n 766630

Mansfield, Jerred Israel
s/n 797147

Marshall BE 766088-1Marshall, Bernard Edgar
s/n 766088

Masters, Harry
s/n 797141

McDonald, William ‘Billy’
s/n 766441

McHughMcHugh, Donald
s/n 766001

McIntosh, Donald ‘Dan’
s/n 415349

McKenzie, Douglas
s/n 430731

McKinney, Orville Wallace
s/n 862316

McKinstry JG 767062-1McKinstry, James George
s/n 767062

McLean, Alexander
s/n 201224

McLean D-766883-1McLean, Donald
s/n 766883

McLean RJ-767149-1McLean, Richard John
s/n 767149

McMurray SR-136095-1McMurray, Samuel Raffaele
s/n 136095

McNeill, John Herbert
s/n 766262

McNichol, Hugh John
s/n 862167

Meddings, John ‘Jack’
s/n 767202

Messecar, Andrew
s/n 797679

Miles GJ 767141-1Miles, George James
s/n 767141

Miller G-766448-1Miller, George
s/n 766448

Mills, Lemon
s/n 796708

Mines JS-166843-1Mines, John Sydham
s/n 166843

Misener, James Alden
s/n 784722

Mitchell, Sidney Edward
s/n 639920

Molyneux, John Wilson ‘Jack’
s/n 430616

Morgan, Jesse
s/n 766893

Morris, James Herbert ‘Jim’
s/n 796050

Morrison J-766035-1Morrison, John
s/n 766035

Morrison T-766101-1Morrison, Thomas
s/n 766101

Morwick, Edward Irwin
s/n 784109

Moss, Thomas Henry
s/n 766647

Muir, John
s/n 766457

Munnings, William Percy
s/n 767069

Munro NK 766649Munro, Norman Kenneth
s/n 766649

Munro WA 766459-1Munro, William Alexander
s/n 766459

Murphy, Francis Leoland
s/n 797104

Murray, William
s/n 766897

Muskett CS 766650Muskett, Charles Stephens/n 766650

Muth JE-796558-1Muth, James Ernest
s/n 796558

Neale, Thomas Jones
s/n 767144

Neddow, Peter
s/n 639975

Nelson A 766653-1Nelson, Archibald
s/n 766653

Newell, Cecil William
s/n 430247

Newton, John James
s/n 766655

Nixon AWJ-766274-1Nixon, Andrew William James
s/n 766274

Norris NL 766091-1Norris, Norman Lavelle
s/n 766091

O'Brien WH-766661-1O’Brien, William Henry
s/n 766661

Oldfield, Albert William
s/n 657267

Orr A 463659Orr, Andrew
s/n 463659

Paget FR 766904Paget, Francis Robert ‘Frank’
s/n 766904

Parker E 766906Parker, Ernest
s/n 766906

Passmore-1Passmore, Joseph Paul
s/n 766092

Pattison, William Herbert
s/n 797050

Peers H 767187Peers, Harry
s/n 767187

Penney AE 863056Penney, Albert Edward
s/n 863056

Peyton HC 430041Peyton, Hugh Cyril
s/n 430041

Pollonais CH 767079Pollonais, Charles Herbert
s/n 767079

Potter WH 766279-1Potter, William Henry ‘Harry’
s/n 766279

Potts M 739321Potts, Matthew
s/n 739321

Purtle JJ 862295Purtle, Joseph John
s/n 862295

Puttock ID 602076Puttock, Irvine David
s/n 602076

Rabbits, Mark
s/n 797064

Ralston JM 766477Ralston, John Matson
s/n 766477

Ratcliffe HW 766093-1Ratcliff, Herbert William
s/n 766093

Rawlin JW 796580-1Rawlin, Joseph William ‘Will’
s/n 796580

Rayfield JA 766682Rayfield, John Albert
s/n 766682

Rider H 766688Rider, Harry
s/n 766688

Roberts HO 490466Roberts, Howell Owen
s/n 490466

Robertson A 862397Robertson, Adam
s/n 862397

Robins R-158007-1Robins, Richard
s/n 158007

Robinson C 784015Robinson, Cecil
s/n 784015

Robinson JH 785281Robinson, John Henry
s/n 785281

Rodger C 863103Rodger, Charles
s/n 863103

Roe GH 766285Roe, George Henry
s/n 766285

Roebuck, Walter
s/n 491201

Rolfe HF 766691-1Rolfe, Herbert Francis
s/n 766691

Ross-862556-1Ross, James Graham
s/n 862556

Rostron S 767222-1Rostron, Septimus
s/n 767222

Rowland H 311460Rowland, Harry
s/n 311460

Rule HP 863021Rule, Harold Percival
s/n 863021

Salivarsky-1Salivarsky, Vasili
s/n 766923

Salmond WT 104721Salmond, William Thomas
s/n 104721

Sanderson D-766019-1Sanderson, David
s/n 766019

Saunders CT 767182Saunders, Conrad Thomas
s/n 767182

Saunders LJ-766696-1Saunders, Leonard James
s/n 766696

Scott GM 784555Scott, George Maurice
s/n 784555

Sellen PC 767089Sellen, Percy Charles
s/n 767089

Shaw, James McLaren ‘Mac’
s/n 2006722

Sheehan WM 766290Sheehan, William Michael ‘Mickey’
s/n 766290

Shephard JA 767092Shephard, John Alford ‘Johnnie’
s/n 767092

Sherlock, George
s/n 797048

Shields JAP 658020Shields, James Parker Avalon
s/n 658020

Short, Francis Charles
s/n 766489

Silvester EC-766704-1Silvester, Edward Cameron
s/n 766704

Simpson A 136135Simpson, Archibald
s/n 136135

Slade GE 796600Slade, George Edward
s/n 796600

Smith AV 163929Smith, Albert Victor
s/n 163929

Smith, Earnest Welby
s/n 797144

Smith JA 414861Smith, James Albert
s/n 414861

Smith JN 430356Smith, John Nelson
s/n 430356

Smith JR-430115-1Smith, John Robert ‘Jack’
s/n 430115

Smith, John Wesley
s/n 797210

Smith NH 862427Smith, Norman Henry
s/n 862427

Smith, William
s/n 797057

Smith WH 784183-2Smith, William Howard
s/n 784183

Snowball G 784307Snowball, George
s/n 784307

Snowdon GW 767173-1Snowdon, George William
s/n 767173

Spain JW 796582Spain, John William
s/n 796582

Staats WJ 739030Staats, William Joshua
s/n 739030

Stacey, Frank Herbert
s/n 766710

Stamford JF 463184Stamford, Fraser
s/n 463184

Stanton WF 784269Stanton, Walter Franklin
s/n 784269

Stegmeier DE 796643Stegmeier, David Earl
s/n 796643

Stevens-1Stevens, Daniel Percival
s/n 766007

Stevenson, Charles Edward
s/n 862792

Stevenson, Wilfred George
s/n 862146

Stewart WN-767129-1Stewart, William Nelson
s/n 767129

Stoddart DH 766713Stoddart, David Henry ‘Harry’
s/n 766713

Stratford HC 766298-1Stratford, Henry Charles
s/n 766298

Strong PC 766714Strong, Philip
s/n 766714

Stuart A 657688Stuart, Alexander ‘Alec’
s/n 657668

Tennant, George
s/n 862234

Thomas CR 766719Thomas, Charles Roy
s/n 766719

Thomson W 862749Thomson, William
s/n 862749

Thorn HC 862736Thorn, Henry Charles ‘Harry’
s/n 862736

Thornton AT 766095-1Thornton, Alfred Thomas
s/n 766095

Thorpe-1Thorpe, George Edmund
s/n 766301

Tite V 767153-1Tite, Valentine
s/n 767153

Titmuss, William
s/n 797150

Tobias WA 802670-1Tobias, Walter Alexander
s/n 802670

Truman F-766956-1Truman, Francis Henry
s/n 766956

Vale FC 766510Vale, Frederick Charles
s/n 766510

Varley H 863065Varley, Herbert
s/n 863065

Vickery F 639786Vickery, Frederick ‘Fred’
s/n 639786

Vosper JE 862517Vosper, John Edwin ‘Eddie’
s/n 862517

Waddingham WW 862399Waddingham, William
s/n 862399

Wagg JH 430852Wagg, John Henry
s/n 430852

Waite HT 766726Waite, Herbert Tracey
s/n 766726

Walker WF-766306-1Walker, William Frederick
s/n 766306

Waller S 814087Waller, Samuel ‘Sam’
s/n 814087

Walpole, Leonard Edwin
s/n 797028

Warmington HJ 463907 with Colt VimyWarmington, Henry James
s/n 463007
With colt Vimy

Watts, Orvel Erven
s/n 797072

Weaver CA 784704Weaver, Charles Arthur
s/n 784704

Wells J 784167Wells, John
s/n 784167

Welsh RW 766309Welsh, Richard Walter
s/n 766309

Wheeler H 784171Wheeler, Henry ‘Harry’
s/n 784171

Whight VA-766516-1Whight, Victor Albert
s/n 766516

White, George
s/n 766518

Wicksey EG-767112-2Wicksey, Edgar Gideon
s/n 767112

Wilde WL 766519Wilde, Walter Lane
s/n 766519

Willey GW-766037-1Willey, George Walter
s/n 767037

Williams, Fred
s/n 797203

Williams RD-767114-1Williams, Richard David
s/n 767114

Willis D 430999Willis, David
s/n 430999

Willy J 766971Willy, James
s/n 766971

Willy J 862076Willy, James ‘Little Jimmy’
s/n 862076

Wilson FW 766313Wilson, Frank Watson
s/n 766313

Winegarden, Ross Ervin
s/n 785203

Wise HH-766742-1Wise, Harry Harvard
s/n 766742

Wood, Arthur Edwin
s/n 863084

Wood ER 766523Wood, Ernest Richard
s/n 766523

Worden CE 862508Worden, Charles Edward
s/n 862508

Wright JE 766525Wright, John Edward
s/n 766525

Wright OHH 796204Wright, Orlando Harry Hussey
s/n 796204