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Specialized Teams/UnitsMachine-gun Training
LAC MIKAN 3395153

MG Section-600Machine-Gun Section

Soccer TeamSoccer Team
Courtesy of Ian Munro

ScoutsaScout Section
Courtesy of Sean Fillier

123rd Pioneers C Coy - DempsterPioneer Section of ‘C’ Company
Courtesy of Bev Watson

Courtesy of Sean Fillier

3rd Pontoon Bridging Unit-13rd Pontoon Bridging Transport Unit
LAC MIKAN 3522484

Signal SectionSignal Section
LAC MIKAN 3642872

Signallers at Niagara 1916 MIKAN 3403625Signallers Training at Niagara Camp 1916
LAC MIKAN 3403625

Stretcher Bearers-2Stretcher Bearers of ‘C’ Company c.1917
Courtesy of Kara Stubbington Dzikowski